IdeaoLoG will be looking for partners who have excellent technologies or services to develop solutions to challenge logistics optimization and to resolve environmental and social problems through the business. Please contact us if you are interested in building partnership with us.


IdeaLoG will hire in a timely manner if there is a right person for us.
We desire people like as below.
・Person who has an outstanding track record or an expertise in the field of logistics, real estate, or/and technology
・Those who are enthusiastic about solving environmental and social problems through work
・People who can row by themselves

Honestly speaking, the age, gender, and nationality are irrelevant, but the educational background/company history (school/company name is irrelevant) might matter to some extent at hiring process. It doesn’t matter which school you graduated from or what company you were in, but “what you learned at that school, what achievements you made at that company, and how you can use them at IdeaLoG are very important. It is also important that you have the joy, purpose, and passion of your life. Please contact us if you are interested in working hard and enjoying your life at IdeaLoG!

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