About Us

   IdeaLoG Inc.【pronounced I-de-a-lo-gee】, the name of company, came from the word “Ideology” meaning philosophy of ideal situation. IdeaLoG is aiming to realize “Ideal Logistics” where environmental and social problems such as CO2 emission and labor shortage will be resolved through optimization of total logistics costs including transportation, warehousing, labors, operation and management system, and materials.  

   In order to achieve optimization in logistics, IdeaLoG will provide insightful and technical advisory  services based on well-balanced and vastly experienced professionals and develop 1) software system to know the best location and property where the medium- and long-term total logistics costs will be optimized 2) teleoperated picking robots to compensate for serious labor shortage by removing obstacles to women’s and elderly’s full participation in society and workplace and by resolving the international issue of immigrant workers.

Company Profile

Company Name: IdeaLoG Inc.【pronounced I-de-a-lo-gee】
Our Business: 1) Advisory services in logistics strategy, logistics realestate, and technologies
2) Development in teleoperated picking robots and in system for logistics costs optimization
Date of Establishment: February 4th, 2020
Date of Commencement: April 1st, 2020
Capital: JPY10,000,000
President & CEO: Tetsuro Sakamoto
Head Office: Nishi-Shinjuku Takagi Building 7F-721 1-20-3 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023
Phone Number: +81 (0)3-6890-3329
Fax Number: +81 (0)50-6875-3839
RE Broker License: Tokyo (1) 104568


Our mission is to challenge environmental and social problems across the globe through optimization of logistics by leveraging insightful and practical techniques based on professional expertise and innovative technologies such as AI and robotics.


The IdeoLoG’s maiden voyage was in the midst of an unprecedented storm in April 2020, when the spread of new coronavirus (COVID-19) infection hit the whole world, I am seeing a silver lining although it will have a serious impact on the world economy. That is the logistics IdeaLoG seeks to optimize is absolutely indispensable to our daily life under any circumstances, and the demand for “logistics optimization” will increase more and more. In post corona, more “e-commerce”, “non-contact”, and “remote work” are required, and the system and robots that IdeaoLoG is planning or developing will be the means to realize, therefore I am convinced that the ship named “IdeaoLoG” will never be shipwrecked.

Recently it is said that those who control “logistics” rule the market, and I think that is exactly the case. IdeaoLoG defines the conditions of those who control this “logistics” as those who realize “logistics optimization”. The three conditions necessary for optimizing logistics are:
(1) Analyzing “logistics”, “real estate”, and “technologies” without professional bias.
(2) Formulating a scenario as a medium- to long-term strategic plan and executing it for “logistics optimization”
(3) Considering a flexible option to share profits or costs with others including competitors.
The absolute value of ideaLoG is that solutions IdeaLoG provides can satisfy these three conditions.

The reason why IdeaoLoG aims to “logistics optimization” is not just to reduce and control costs for clients, but to make major contributions to solve environmental and social problems. For example, by designing a logistics facility for higher efficiency of loading and unloading goods, it is possible to disperse peaks in collection and delivery times and to promote joint delivery, resulting in easing driver shortages and reducing CO2 emission. In addition, the third-generation robot that IdeaoLoG aims to develop enables women and elderly people who can not work even if they want to, work remotely. The robot will also enables many countries to resolve an international problem of foreign workers.

Recently, “SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)” have been drawing attention, and we firmly believe that “logistics optimization” pursued by IdeaoLoG is one of the most concrete and effective ways to realize these development goals. We look forward to working with you on this globally significant challenge.

April 1st, 2020
Tetsuro Sakamoto
CEO & President


Professional Experience

Apr 2020 President & CEO, IdeaLoG Inc.
Apr 2019 Director, Logistics Solution Development, World Co., Ltd.
Mar 2009 Senior Vice President, Leasing, GLP Japan Inc.
Nov 2008 Manager, Business Development, Prologis Japan Inc.
Jun 2007 Associate, Origination, GE Real Estate Japan
Jul 2006 ESG Researcher & Analyst, Institutional Shareholder Services
Apr 1998 Product Manager, Division Material, Gadelius K.K.


May 2007 MBA in Real Estate Finance and Environmental Management,
The George Washington University School of Business
Mar 1988 BA in Policy Management, Keio University